Solutions for Distributors

Effective, High Quality Distinctive products with Holistic Support.

Working hand in hand with our distributors to offer the right product in the right hand.

Creating product differentiation is key to thrive in today’s overcrowded Plant Nutrition and Protection market. For this reason, AGREO strives to offer product lines that help you build your sales network and gain consumer interest.


Our dedication to provide consistent quality and innovative formulations combined with on time deliver will put you on the frontline to meet your consumers every basic need

  • High standard technical raw material for greater efficacy
  • International Certifications, Non toxic, and Zero Residue Practice
  • Rigorous lab analysis and field trials to ensure consistent quality


Our strategy is to follow a scientific and data driven approach to substantiate our findings. To this end, we redouble your efforts by providing resources and tools to capture sales opportunities and maximize your growth

  • Lab data and field trial data to complement your sales efforts
  • University accreditation and Quasi Government Body efficacy reports to authenticate the data
  • Customized marketing material along with salesforce to educate consumers
  • Providing technical support and training to your salesforce for better


Growers are today inundated with products that give temporary solutions that do not really resolve the issue at hand and are ultimately harmful to the crop. At AGREO, we perform extensive field trials and intensive lab analysis to develop products that are of superior quality – products that give consistent results each time, every time.

Wide-ranging products for every stage of plant growth:

Soil Health Products

PerfoShield – Soil
Micro silver & Hydrogen peroxide-based, Soil Sanitizer.

Crop Nutrition Products

Silica Ortho-Silicic Acid (OSA) – Nutrient to complete plant nourishment that improves yield and boosts immunity.

Ortho-Silicic Acid (OSA) & Seaweed-based Plant Biostimulant.

Ortho-Silicic Acid (OSA) & Phospho-Potassium Salts-based Fungus Blocker.

Crop Protection Products

Metallic Silver and Hydrogen peroxide-based multi-purpose Biocide.

Phyto-extracts and enzyme-based chitin dissolver for Crawling Insects.

Phyto-extracts and enzyme-based chitin dissolver for Flying Insects.

Pheromone Oils & Odoriferous Compounds-based Insect Repellent.

Agri Input Loan Facility

Recognizing the need for distributors to support farmers in thier long crop cycles, AGREO has partnered with some of the leading AGRI Value Chain Finance Companies.

Our Key partner for this motive is Sreejan Livelihood Development.