AGREO offers a comprehensive product portfolio in the areas of Plant Nutrition and Crop Protection. Our portfolio includes Nutrients, Biostimulants, Fungus Blockers, Insect Repellants, Pest Controllers, Growth Promoters & Regulators, and Wetting Agents. Our unique range of water soluble Silica OSA line complements the overall portfolio.

Our Brands

Plant Nutrition
Unique Ortho Silicic Acid technology combined with Seaweed as Bio-Stimulant & Phospho-Potash salts as Fungus Blocker Enhancers.
This Product Line includes PerfoSil, PerfoWeed, and PerfoImmune.

Growth Promoters
PerfoSIZR: Size Enhancer based on unique plant hormone mixtures that helps increase size of fruits, vegetables and other crops.

STIKKER Plus: Non-toxic, Spreader, Sticker, and Penetrator based on Non-ionic surfactants & Silicone compounds.

Crop Protection
Eco-friendly, Residue Free, & Human-Safe Technology for Pest and Disease Management. Niche combinations of Nano-silver stabilized hydrogen peroxide, plant extracts, enzymes, aromatic plant oils & natural perfumery compounds.

Some of our popular brands include PerfoShield, PerfoNemat, PerfoMite, PerfoFyer, and PerfoFly.

Soil Health
PerfoShield Soil: Eco-friendly & safe alternative in the form of Silver Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide.