Each product in the Plant Nutrition category supplies the crops with right combination of nutrients to enhance yield, improve quality, and build immunity, resulting in better harvest output.


Silica Ortho-Silicic Acid (OSA) Based Plant Stress Manager & Immunity Booster.

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  • Delivers 99.99% Bio-available Soluble Silica to crops.
  • Activates plant pathways to stimulate growth & erectness.
  • Imparts Self Acquired Resistance (SAR) against fungi & bacteria.
  • Improves drought resistance by reducing water requirement up to 40%.
  • Improves uptake of minerals especially Phosphorus.
  • Mitigates toxicity of Mn, Cu, Co, Fe, Al, Ca.
  • Enhances quality & quantity of produce up to 25%.


Ortho-Silicic Acid (OSA) & Seaweed-based Plant Biostimulant.

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  • Imparts mechanical & physiological benefits of Bio-Available Silica to crops.
  • Helps to combat salt, water & temperature stress.
  • Makes amino acids readily available to plants.
  • Helps to increase chlorophyll content & enhances photosynthesis in leaves.
  • Enhances vegetative growth in plants.


Plant Hormone-based Fruit & Vegetable Size Improver.

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  • Helps to improve size.
  • Helps to increase crops yield.
  • Increases leaf size & thickness, especially in leafy vegetables.